What to Wear Home After Having Breast Cancer Surgery

If you are recovering from a breast cancer-related surgery you'll want to make sure you don't pack anything to wear home from the hospital that you'll need to lift your arms over your head to put on. Rather opt for easy to take on or off clothes that are loose fitting, cozy tops, robes, and recovery Gownies™ that open from the front for ease and comfortable healing.

Since recovery can last anywhere from just a few days to several weeks, you'll want to plan ahead to avoid any uncomfortable moments. During recovery from a mastectomy or lumpectomy, our Gownies™ recovery wear line of apparel will help to to heal in comfort with our soft, comfortable all natural cotton fabric that will not irritate incisions and comfrtably manage surgical drains with built-in internal pockets. Some of our most popular recovery wear options are:

Recovery Robes 

There is something about wearing a robe that makes you feel feminine, and comfortable, in your home. Robes are that intimate friend in your closet. You can wear your Gownies™ robe to the for your chemo sessions because of the convenience of the front opening or wear your recovery robe post-surgery at home. Gownies™ recovery robes not only keep you cozy, covered, and warm they also give you the functionality and accessibility you need.

Breast Cancer Recovery Apparel. Heal in Comfort with Gownies™ Recovery Robes

Recovery Pajamas

Whether staying for an extended period of time in the hospital or recovering from breast cancer surgery at home you'll want to be sure your pajamas are easy to put on, feature front opening, and has drain management pockets.

While there are different types of surgical drains, the type used most often for breast surgeries is the Jackson-Pratt drainage system. How long you’ll have your Jackson-Pratt drain depends on your specific type of breast surgery and the amount of drainage you’re having. 

Recovery Pajamas to Wear After Surgery

 What are Recovery Gownies™ 

Gownies™ are hospital approved gowns you can bring with you to treatment that are soft and comfortable, stylish, and can be worn home after. Our line of rehab/patient wear is designed for modesty, privacy and dignity without foregoing style. Our recovery hospital gowns are perfect for before, during, and after a hospital procedure.

Easy Front Access
With Velcro openings down the front of each each recovery hospital gown also has snaps on either side for easy access by medical staff for examination and for comfortable and less revealing breastfeeding.
Soft, Natural Materials
Gownies are made from 100% cotton and completely machine washable, and come in a variety of stylish floral designs, prints, and colors. We never use chemical laden, petroleum based polyesters or nylons in our gowns. 
Wear It Home
Gownies wear can also be extended from the hospital stay, and worn at home during the recovery process.
Hospital Gowns for Breast Cancer Surgery or Reconstruction

If you’re looking for the ideal clothing to wear for chemotherapy sessions or cancer recovery, either for you, or a family member or friend, Gownies™ has you covered — literally. Shop our Hospital Gownies™ and Recovery Wear today, and find the ideal gown or robe for you.

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