What Do I Wear Home After a Mastectomy

What to Wear While Recovering in the Hospital from Mastectomy Surgery

Depending on your surgery and if you've had lymph nodes removed, your doctor may want you to remain in the hospital for a period of time after your surgery to allow them to monitor you in recovery. You'll want to choose a comfortable and accessible recovery gown or a recovery specific robe.
Recovery Hospital Gown with Drain Pockets. What to Wear For Mastectomy

Caring For My Surgical Drains

Your surgeon may have placed surgical drains in your breast area or armpit and while they might be removed before you leave the hospital, sometimes you may need to go home with drains for 1 - 2 weeks after your surgery. Before leaving the hospital speak with your care providers on how to care for your drains. Choosing adaptive post-op recovery care with drain pockets will help you to manage and care for your drains after having a mastectomy.