Size Guide and Gownie Features

Choosing the correct size for your Gownie could not be easier, taking into account your pre pregnancy size please use the chart below to find the Gownie size for you!






0 - 10

10 - 18

18 - 24


Up to 38

38 -48

48 -54


4 - 12

12 - 20


For example if you pre pregnancy size was an 8, the correct Gownie size for you would be a S/M.

If you find you are in between sizes, we recommend you choose the larger size for a more comfortable feel.

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Features Include:

  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Soft satin trim for a comfortable feel
  • Strings down the back. Forget it – Simple and easy, just snap and relax – total coverage from top to bottom.
  • Off shoulder front snap openings to allow YOU to easily open and close for examinations and breastfeeding.
  • No oversized hospital gowns – Gownies come in 2-3 sizes, we all know, one size does not it most.
  • Deliver in style and comfort! You will have those delivery and newborn photos forever!
  • Great during recovery and for breastfeeding.
  • Hospital staff approved and appreciated.
  • Recently featured on the TLC's A Baby Story!
  • Designed with your comfort in mind!