About Us

Two moms with one dream have worked together for years to build an amazing company. Born in Germany, Isabelle met Helen, born in England, in 1998 in America with newborn babies and a very long way from home and family help. They had an instant connection and desire to continue working but remain at home with their children. In 2002 the two began talking of bringing their dreams to reality, but it wasn’t until 2005 after many years of establishment and searching for a great factory with high quality control that Baby Be Mine Maternity was launched.

With 6 children between the two partners, and long stays in the hospital’s drab, dingy, oversized and revealing gowns, Isabelle and Helen designed Gownies. The hospital issue gowns are uncomfortable, thinly made, and only come in a one-size fits all. They are also extremely revealing both in the rear and during any examination process. Gownies are designed with the patient in mind. There is no need for a small string at the top and half way down the back that is ready to pop open at any moment delivering complete rear exposure, Gownies are designed with a completely snapped down back ensuring both comfort and full coverage.

The fronts of Gownies are also equipped with snaps on either side for easy access by medical staff for examination, and for comfortable and less revealing breast feeding. Gownies are made from 100% cotton and completely machine washable, and come in a variety of stylish designs and colors. Good-bye drab and Hello Fab! With the option of choosing from 3 different sizes, Gownies will comfort you in your own size. No more need for a petite woman wearing a hospital issued gown that can fit someone twice her size. Gownies wear can also be extended from the hospital stay, and worn at home after delivery during the recovery process. Rest assured that during the developing process, if we are not 100% satisfied with the result, and if we would not buy it, we will not market it. We personally love each and every gown, as if it will be our own.

Baby Be Mine Maternity was launched with the promise that we would always bring new, practical and fun product ideas to the customer, and today we aim to fulfill that promise, Gownies is now extending this comfort beyond that of just the mother to be. After many inquiries and high demand from their current clientele, Gownies is now targeting women of all ages and with all medical needs. We listened to you and now we are delivering. We received so many heartbreaking stories from mothers who were buying Gownies for their young daughters, to women suffering from breast cancer, that we decided that we had to make that change. Gownies are now being designed and marketed for ANY woman in ANY situation. So if you’re facing the joyful experience of bringing a new life into this world, or facing the scariest moment of a diagnosis and long fight ahead, we believe that you deserve to feel special.

So whether you are about to deliver your first baby, recovering at home, facing chemotherapy or radiation, surgery, or if you are being admitted into a long term care nursing home, Gownies can keep you looking stylish, feeling better, keep you covered, and provide you with the comfort and ease that is required in the hospital setting.